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Kimberly is a conscientious coach whose presence is comforting.

She creates a space where one can feel safe to open up and share themselves. During our sessions she listened attentively to my needs and asked poignant questions that got to the heart of what I was pondering but hadn't been able to put into words yet. I was able to gain a new level of awareness that has helped me advance forward. Her insight and thoughtfulness is cherished, and a rarity in a world where people often make assumptions and offer advice before really listening to you. She made me feel like I really mattered, and I am grateful for the time we worked together.


Mary, CA

I've had the distinct honor of working with Kimberly.

She truly is a gifted coach. From the moment we started our session Kimberly could sense I was holding tension and unfocused. She immediately asked if she could try an exercise to get me to relax. In minutes I was in a much better place to receive and move forward.


Kimberly's ability to listen and really dissect what's being said with such intuition is a gift. I was wonderfully surprised by how succinctly she was able to get me to see the action plan that would serve me best. And continues to serve me well. 


She followed up with a very detailed email that outlined our time together. This supported me in my accountability strategy as well as keeping fresh what I wanted and how I planned on achieving my goals.


I would and will highly recommend Kimberly to anyone who is looking for clarity on their journey to enlightenment...

Leah, NJ

Kimberly is a talented coach and we instantly clicked over the phone.  I felt a level of trust which allowed me to go on a journey, opening my eyes to where I needed to go from a business perspective.


Kimberly was an invaluable resource. She was a careful listener, always prepared for our phone calls, extremely knowledgeable, and asked great questions that always got to the heart of the matter.


She opened my eyes to other tools and methodologies that I hadn’t been exposed to before to support me with my goals.  And, in addition to her professionalism and her insight, she is an incredibly compassionate person who cares about the well-being and success of her clients.

Lisa, CA

Kimberly is phenomenal at breaking down abstract macro-sized ideas (or questions) and guiding you to translate them into actionable weekly tasks. As a person whose focus and circumstances seem to hop around near daily, I greatly appreciated her ability to find a common thread in my ideas and tie them back to my priorities. She helped me stay flexible but  organized and purposeful as I made measurable progress on my ventures.


M.B., NY

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