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Do you crave closeness with your partner but find it hard to achieve?

When expressing your concerns, are they met with care and compassion? 

Do you feel happy and connected in your relationship?


Intimate relationships are not easy. Even couples in loving, well-functioning partnerships would say that they have had their fair share of challenges along the way. Relationships take time and effort to maintain, but once a healthy balance is established you and your partner will grow and thrive both individually and jointly. 


We all want to be happy in life, especially when we choose to share our lives with a significant other. I am here to help you get back to a fulfilling place in your relationship and remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place. 


Each couple is unique so when we work together we will carefully consider areas of your relationship that are working for you and which are not. Once we agree on the goals that you and your partner would like to meet, we will start to develop new ways to address obstacles and overcome them. Our time together will be goal-oriented and each concern that comes up will be handled with the utmost care, confidentiality and consideration.


Weekly sessions are held through Zoom.

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Couple Showing Affection
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Couple Holding Hands
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